Your Energy Signature 3

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Your Energy Signature 3

Electromagnetic Body

The energy you generate is reflected back to you, but that’s not the only energy you will encounter in your life. The intent of our spirit is beyond our awareness. We can’t know the lessons we signed up to learn, until we learn them.

Even though we create our reality, sometimes things happen that we don’t expect, which we would not have consciously created. Usually it is a spiritual lesson that we signed up for when we entered our body. When it’s beyond your control, it’s usually best to let go and surrender your future to your Spirit, until your new challenges become clear. Faith is trusting in your own Spirit to provide you whatever you need.

Be aware of the energy you are sending into the Universe. It is your Energy Signature that you cannot hide or fake. There is no Energy Identity Theft in the Energetic Realm.

How do you represent yourself to the Infinite Energetic Expressions? When an entity encounters your energy, would they be intrigued or repulsed? Would your energy empower or disgust those who encounter it? It is entirely up to you.


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