Your Energy Signature 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Your Energy Signature 2

Electromagnetic Body

The energy you generate and emit into the Universe is the same energy the Universe reflects back to you in your three dimensional life.

There is a time delay from thought into three dimensional manifestation. This is a built-in safety mechanism so that whatever pops into our minds doesn’t suddenly pop into our lives. Our minds are wild, undesciplined, unpredictable and not always benevolent. The time delay will diminish as we learn to tame our thoughts.

When we realize that we are all connected, we naturally don’t hurt or dominate each other. Forces of suppression exist only because we are immersed in the illusion that we’re separate from each other.

In Unity Consciousness, our thoughts will be vastly different than what goes on in our minds today, and we will have no reason to fear ourselves or eachother. When we no longer need the time delay safety mechanism, manifestation will be instantaneous. We can only dream of what our challenges will be when we reach that level of power and responsibility.


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