Your Energy Signature 1

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Your Energy Signature 1

Electromagnetic Body

We talk a lot about our daily actions, thoughts, emotions and decisions, which make up our awareness. What do you focus on? What energy occupies your mind and consumes your time each day?

Your focus and awareness create your Personal Energy Signature, which is transmitted into all forms of energetic expression. In an instant, our energy travels to infinity, and it affects all energy in three dimensions and beyond.

What energy are you emitting into the Universe? Are you an understanding, compassionate, accepting person? Are you patient and cooperative? Do you unhesitatingly go out of your way to help a stranger or a bug, just because you can?

Or do you seek to control others in order to serve your own motives? There is a fine line and a huge difference between guiding children to protect them from their lack of foresight, and controlling and stiffling them.


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