Your Electromagnetic Body – A Tool For Manifestation 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Your Electromagnetic Body – A Tool For Manifestation 2

Hands Forming Energy

Think of your electromagnetic body as a rainbow sphere surrounding your physical body. It is not

bound by three dimensional matter. It is a cloud around your body, about two feet thick, always

changing and morphing into infinite permutations, depending on your attitudes toward life and how

you feel in any given moment.

The electromagnetic fields direct and orchestrate the three dimensional hologram, based on our

overall intention for entering a physical body. It draws certain experiences to us and repels

what we have not signed up for.

Our electromagnetic body is our connection to the realm beyond three dimensions, where our

thoughts and emotions reside. When we imagine something, it comes into existence beyond three

dimensions. Our thoughts organize raw energy to create form.


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