Your Dynamic Action Plan 3

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Your Dynamic Action Plan 3

Action Plan

Your Action Plan must remain Dynamic. Be willing to change it as necessary. Your life will change as you get closer to your desires, and your desires will also change. It is important to keep the goal clear in your mind, but the path that leads you there is completely unknown.

Knowing where you end up and not how you’ll get there is what makes life an exciting adventure. Since you create the destination, you can relax as the path changes, because you know where you’ll end up no matter how you get there.

Keep your plan malleable as your situation changes. Your desires might change as you grow, but your goals define your direction, so if your goals jump all over the place, you will not be able to follow a set direction, and you will get nowhere.

Focused action over time is a big key to manifestation, and the action must be directed toward a common end. If you take action in different directions, you might not get anywhere.


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