Your Dynamic Action Plan 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Your Dynamic Action Plan 2

Action Plan

Include a timeline in your plan and set dates to reach milestones. When time is an active part of your plan, it will help your mind accept the new reality that your goals are going to happen.
Milestones are important for many reasons. They help you measure your progress. You can look at an achievement and say, “Last month, this was just an idea. Now it is done, and I’m that much closer to my goal.” Milestones encourage you along the way because they represent tangible success that you have achieved through action.

Once you have a solid plan on paper, you must start to take action. If your plan seems too overwhelming, break each main goal into manageable tasks. As you accomplish each small task, you will be getting closer to the goal.

When you take action, you put energy into three dimensions.
Even when your Action Plan changes, your action is not wasted. Just the intent of taking time and focused energy to reach your goal will solidify it further, even if the specific action did not in physical reality, bring you closer to your dreams.

Physical reality can be deceiving.


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