Worlds Collide 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Worlds Collide 2

Worlds Collide

I’m glad I’m not responsible for smashing Unknown Beings and Worlds into eachother. The Karmic Consequences are just too great. Smashing Ancient Gods or Entire Worlds into each other would certainly keep me up at night.

Just because we can’t interact or communicate with something doesn’t mean it’s not there, as physicists well know. Yet science has completely ignored the possibility of consciousness, and has declared life to be limited to life as we know it.

My academic training is in Engineering Physics, and I delight as much as anyone, in the conveniences that science enables. Why don’t we practice science with respect for what we might be doing? Science has proven the theory of cause and effect, but have we considered the consequences of smashing unknown worlds into each other?


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