Empower Your SELF

Welcome to HumanHints

Awakening is a deeply personal, individualized experience. It is different for everyone. These ideas are my general observations about the process. My intention is for these ideas to serve as possible guideposts for your unique personal journey.

If you feel that you must do something to stop the madness and fighting is not your thing, you might feel at home here. You will find peaceful, powerful, covert techniques to deal with the increasing chaos.

We will each contribute to Human Awakening in our own way. When you’re ready to be heard, your voice will find you. Keep pursuing your Passionate Curiosities.

When we hear the WarCry from within, we all fight back in our own unique ways. Some may seem passive, even though they are not.

Don’t mistake what you see in the physical for what’s really going on beyond our extremely limited perceptions.

I intend for these ideas to expand you in some way. Sit back, relax and open your Heart. You are safe within these ideas. I hope you enjoy it here. Thanks for stopping by.

A Few Basic Understandings

Suicide Is No Escape

Suicide amplifies what you’re trying to escape.

I talk a lot about how beyond the physical realm, we’re all immersed in God’s Love and how great it feels. Do Not get any ideas about escaping through suicide.

If you haven’t done what you came here for, you’re sent back to deal with the same type of situation but more intense and harder to postpone.

It’s always better to stay and deal with the energies now, no matter how horrid. Do not kill your own physical form. Suicide and natural death are two completely different experiences. Suicide only prolongs and intensifies that which you’re trying to escape. Just stay here and deal with it here and now. When you finally do naturally drop the body, you’ll be glad you stayed. Like really glad.

No matter how much you hate being on Earth, Do Not commit suicide. If you do, you’re probably just sent back to deal with and balance more intense energies, with the added hassle of imprinting and setup of the balancing opportunity. In other words, you have to be imprinted as a kid again, then grow up into the same situations you’re in right now, only worse.

I get it. We all get it. Life as a physical human on earth can be in-expressably hard, far beyond what we ever considered. And yet that’s the situation we’re now faced with.

And yet here we are. So let’s deal with it properly, with level heads and emotions. Here and now.