Uncertainty 5

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Uncertainty 5

Subatomic Particles

Imagine facing a decision that will affect your future, and lets see if Heisenberg Uncertainty can help. First, we step back and measure our present situation. We assess where we are in life (our position), and what we want from our future to be like (our momentum).

We want our decision to make our future better, so we focus on our momentum, we think about where we want to go. But in order to get there, many patterns in our present lives must change, so the present becomes less clear.

We define the future by what we focus on, what we think about and surround ourselves with. As the future gains clarity in your mind and emotions, the present point becomes less clear because your life must change in unknown ways in order to get to your clear future.

This can be scary because it seems like we are loosing control of our lives, when we are actually gaining control over the big picture of where our life is headed. As our lives change to reflect our new thoughts, we get scared and cling to what we know. We resist letting go and allowing change to happen, we get in our own way. The more we allow change, the more effortless the journey will be.


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