Uncertainty 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Uncertainty 2

Subatomic Particles

Science had discovered something that expresses itself in accordance with what the observer expects to see. Such an abstract concept has no place in Modern Science. Theory must be proven by repeatable experiment.

They got their repeatable experiment when the energy packet continued to show the observer what they expected to see, but they were stumped as to what bizzarre theory could possibly explain the laboratory proof.

This is where Heisenberg came in, and kind of cleared things up with his Uncertainty Principle

If you need to use a Principle of Uncertainty to clear things up, you’re pretty confused

Why Science refuses to consider consciousness expressing through matter is beyond me. It would certainly answer many of their most pressing dilemmas. Perhaps there is a consciousness inside this piece of energy.

If Science defined Life as consciousness expressing through energy, all things would be quite different.


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