Triumph Over Tragedy 1

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Triumph Over Tragedy 1

Triumph Over Tragedy

We have spoken of the importance of maintaining balance between logic and emotion. When tragedy strikes, sorrow can overwhelm us and we can easily become consumed by negative emotion, stuck in the illusion of separation. Emotional crisis can strike our lives in any moment. When it does, it is imperative to our survival that we logically understand the natural process of emotional release and that we logically know what we must do to get past an awful time in our lives.

Emotion comes in waves. When you feel it welling up inside you, what you do in that moment depends on your situation at the time.

If you are around people as you should be during times of tragedy, you will want to use the opportunity to push your emotions down and not allow them to overcome you. You must act normal when you are out in society. It is not socially acceptable to break down or even show any extreme emotion in public.


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