Toward Cooperation

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Toward Cooperation


People on Earth in this moment are participating in a great Universal Transformation into higher dimensions. Humans, Earth, this solar system, this Galaxy, are participating in a cooperation of energies.

As Humans on Earth, we each have a choice. We can either evolve along with the Universe or remain stuck in three dimensional unconscious reaction, trapped inside ego. This is not a judgment, there is no good or bad here.

It is a simple fact of the Universal energetic transformation of which we are an integral part. The Universal Transformation is providing energy that supports Love and cooperation, so it will be easier to turn away from fear and separation. Fear, separation, competition have become old-school, out-dated models.

People who stay with ego will not miss the boat. Don’t worry about those you love, who don’t want to change. Anyone can transform in a single moment, with a single thought. Everyone will experience these times differently. No one will be wrong and no one will be left behind.


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