Time Projection 6

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Time Projection 6

Time Projection

What Goes Around Comes Around…The Other Half of the Interaction.

Now, from this present time, you must complete and balance the energy exchange, by sending your past self energy, encouragement, guidance and direction, to get out of a difficult situation you were once in.

Talk to your past self as if it’s another person who is in the exact same situation that you once overcame. Tell your Past Self how you overcame the situation. Reassure your Past that things will not always be bad, that it will get better. You’ll get thru this.

Now put your awareness into your past self, in your past situation. From that past point of view, imagine yourself receiving information from your present self, who just sent information to the past.

This will complete the energy loop, and strengthen your connection to your future.


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