The Blame Game

The 5th Dimension Awaits

The Blame Game

Blame Game

First of all, let me make one thing clear.  I speak of young souls and old souls.  One is not better than the other, they are just at different stages of their cycles of 3D incarnation.  Young souls want to fervently dive into physical experience.  Old souls grow increasingly weary and detached from the 3D realm.

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s easy to place blame.  The ego needs to find a target for anger.  The blame game is a distraction, a waste of energy at best and a generator of karmic ties at worst.

When you blame someone for something, you tie yourself to them karmically.  Blaming someone binds you to them with negative energy.  Karmic bonds keep you in the third dimension, blindly playing rolls of good and bad, tyrant and victim with other people.  Yuck.

The goal of the present mass ascension is to release ourselves from karmic ties so we can leave this third dimensional playground and go to the fifth dimension where karmic ties do not exist.

If you’re going to play the blame game, find someone to blame then put all your energy into loving and forgiving them. That’s the path to freedom from the third dimension.

Don’t judge others lest you be judged. The blame game is the karma game.  The energy you send out is returned to you magnified.  When you judge others you seek to take the blame off of yourself.  Rest assured it will come back to you.  Judgement is a sign of self-righteousness, which is a sign of corruption.  Judging others exposes the judge as someone who is trying to avoid judgement.  We naturally attract what we try to avoid.

Who cares who’s responsible.  Just look at the facts you have to work with and work with those facts.  Put your energy into only what you can control.  Truly, the only thing you can control is your thoughts about what’s going on around you.  

None of us have any control over what is going on around us.  Any perception that you do have control of the world around you, no matter how close to home, only serves to distract your energy away from that which you can control.  Again, the only thing we can control is our thoughts about the world around us.

Vengeance or Justice?

Those bastards ruined our lives and they’re gonna pay!  People need to be made accountable for their actions and brought to justice, the younger souls will say.  Fine.  I have no doubt that the younger souls will take care of that with a youthful vigor that I lost long ago.

They will say that we can’t just sit back and take it, we can’t let those bastards get away with it!  NO?  Watch me.  I can and I will sit back and let them become bound to karma.  I’ll leave the judgement to God.  They’ll pay, alright.

There are plenty of younger souls on 3D Earth who want to dive into karmic relationships.  They will find people guilty and bring them to justice with the blind fervor of youth.  Then in the next life they will play the opposite polarity within the same game.  If you want to emotionally entangle yourself with other humans, by all means follow your passionate drive, for they lead you toward growth.

Blaming is ego-based. Forgiving is soul-based. We get what we give. What will you choose to receive?

Younger souls will say we’re acting like powerless victims, but the opposite is true.  Our power lies in our neutrality toward the bigger picture.  We’ve become detached from the emotional duality this realm thrives on.  We don’t care who’s responsible.  We are emotionally detached from the cause and effect of other people’s actions, even if they affect our lives.

It’s not for humans to judge other humans.  I feel sorry for those who have had a negative affect on others.  I have deep compassion for them.  The karmic growth they’ve set themselves up for will not be pleasant.  God help them.

Older souls have no such drive for vengeance disguised as justice.  Our passion is for detachment.  We find karmic interplay boring and repetitive and we actively practice the neutrality of unconditional love.  We are weary of the endless karmic game.  Our present task is to let go and leave this realm to the younger souls who thrive on the experiences of growth they provide each other.

Older souls know that their release from this tiresome world lies in not caring about who caused the situations we must deal with.  We just deal with the situations as they present themselves. Our detachment empowers us to put our resources where they make a difference.

Blaming is ego-based.  Forgiving is soul-based.  We get what we give.  What will you choose to receive?  


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