Surrender Ego Find Love 4

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Surrender Ego Find Love 4

Love Ego

[written in 2010]

With all the mystery surrounding 2012, this begs the question of what will happen in that grand moment when everything comes together in the most rare, unique and meaningful set of synchronicities Humanity has ever experienced? The answer is a resounding, …probably nothing of significance.

After that moment, people will transform into the energy of Unity very quickly and effortlessly, as ego falls from the Mass Consciousness. We will all very quickly come to realize that we are all one, and to hurt another is to hurt ourselves.

The new Universal Overtones will support our transformation, which will instantly feel completely natural, as if we have been there all along. We will remember our three dimensional past, and we will be amazed by the way we once acted. We will be infinitely compassionate and understanding toward our past, while we delve into our new unlimited expression.


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