Surrender Ego Find Love 1

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Surrender Ego Find Love 1

Love Ego

Love can be thought of as our ego surrendering to complete Unification with what we percieve as separate from our selves. Since our ego creates the illusion of separation, complete Unification requires the complete and total surrender of ego.

When ego completely surrenders, the illusion of separation disappears, and we realize that we are one with all things. We all share the same fundamental Human frequency.

The fourth dimension of Love is ever present, hidden behind Ego’s veil. In death, the Ego dies with the body, so there is a natural transition into Love and Unity Consciousness.

This is how we’ve shed the ego in the past, but Humans are evolving. We are transforming from three dimensional creatures, into creatures who naturaly express themselves in the fourth dimension of Love and Unity, through a three-dimensional human body.


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