Simultaneous Infinite Time 5

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Simultaneous Infinite Time 5


Think of our lives as a boat on the ocean. As we move along the surface, we become aware of each

wave as it pounds against the hull. This creates a linear succession of waves that we can record.

Before we hit the wave, we are not aware of it although it still exists. Each wave we have not

hit is a future potential, and future potentials exist, even though we have not yet become aware

of them. All the water in the ocean holds a future potential for us as waves that will form,

which the boat might hit, depending on infinite dynamic conditions.

The Human Mind has the power to Act upon Time, to influence Time. When our thoughts make the

connection between now and then, we can change the energy of the past and feed energy to our

desired future.

We can access any point in spacetime that our imaginations will allow, so have fun with this

technique. With practice, your potential will become limitless, and manipulating energy through

spacetime will become second nature.


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