Simultaneous Infinite Time 3

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Simultaneous Infinite Time 3


Yesterday, we discussed the idea that the Human mind is beyond time. We concluded that our thoughts can access all points in time, with any potential circumstance. We know it as our imagination. When children play, they make themselves aware of an alternate point in spacetime. They access a different potential of existence through their mind.

The only difference between past and future is our awareness. We are extremely aware of the past, but we are not yet aware of the future. As we make ourselves aware of a specific future, emotionally and logically, the probability of that future increases.

When we focus mentally and emotionally on the future we desire, we become aware of that moment in time, even though it has not happened yet in three dimensions. Our awareness empowers that moment to become a reality.
Your thoughts make a direct connection with your potential future, further increasing the probability of manifestation.


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