Simultaneous Infinite Time 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Simultaneous Infinite Time 2


Beyond three dimensions, time is more fluid and changeable than the linear, irreversible unfolding of moments in one single direction that we all know. As Humans, we know that a specific amount of measured time spent can seem like both a stagnant eternity and a quickly fleeting moment, depending on how you look at it. The classic rock legend Jackson Browne said it best. The years go by like so many, so few.

The difference is in the way we look at any given period of time. Our thoughts and attitudes, our predetermined views toward a specific moment changes how long it feels to us.

Our thoughts and attitudes exist beyond linear time, and they can bend and change Time itself.

Since thought is beyond time, our thoughts can access any and all points in Time, past and future. This makes all Time simultaneous from the reference point of our mind. We can think of any memory at any time, whether it happened 5 minutes or 50 years ago, the memory is instantaneous and simultaneous.

As time progresses in three dimensions, our mind becomes aware of continually more linear moments. As soon as we are aware of a moment, we can access it instantly, outside of time.


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