Self Esteem 4

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Self Esteem 4

Self Esteem

The phrases you created yesterday will give your life purpose and direction. They show you how to express your natural strengths with excitement, in order to gain a sense of self-worth. Striving toward a specific goal will give you confidence, direction, and focus.

You will then no longer be reliant on others, and you will no longer play the victim to insecure, controlling energies.

Recognize your self-worth by focusing on your unique value. Make a separate list of the ways you help the people in your life on a daily basis. Become aware of the good things you bring to the world and to the people you know. Think of how their lives would be more difficult and complicated without you. Then, in your daily life, recognize when you naturally help people. Be aware of the energy you express, and know that you make a difference.

Self-esteemis a necessary foundation for creating your reality. Becoming aware of your value will give you the wisdom to see a new direction and the courage to follow it, regardless of your present surroundings or life situation.

The power to change starts with valuing your self.


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