Self Doubt And Fear

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Self Doubt And Fear

Doubt Fear

When we commit to a goal, we must know that it will become reality. This means that opportunities will cross our paths and change will occur. We must be open to see the opportunities that will present themselves, and we must have the courage to act. We must allow and embrace change when we ask for it. We do get what we ask for, especially when we also act and feel with focused intent.

The best way to deal with self-doubt is to accept it as a natural part of the process, then use the doubt to sharpen your focus. Don’t try to control the change that comes, for it will probably not be what you expect. Sometimes we must relinquish control, and trust in our own ability to manifest along the way.

Don’t be afraid of success, for fear is often the reason we fail. We can come up with any number of reasons to fear success, most of which are completely unconscious to us. Be aware of all the reasons you might fear success, so that you can recognize them and deal with them when they threaten to sabotage you.


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