Satisfy Your Desire 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Satisfy Your Desire 2

Hearts Desire

When we don’t follow our desires, we are sidetracked away from our True Path. Life tends to pull us off our path, to distract us from the point of our lives. As life progresses, we tend to get stuck in situations that don’t allow us to grow. Immediate responsibilities seem to always outweigh the importance of pursuing our desires.

Humanity is not taught the concept of using Desire as a tool to stay focused on your true path. We have no idea how to relate to our desire, how to interact with it or how to use it. We are not taught to think of the sensation of desire as an entity unto itself.

As a conscious entity, Desire seeks to preserve its own life, and to create conditions in which it can thrive. The moment we get what we want, our Desire dies. As long as we do not have what we want, Desire will live. Desire keeps us from what we want, to insure its own survival.


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