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Life Is A Multidimensional Anger Test

Multidimensional Anger Test

There are many formal anger tests out there. Some have more dimension than others. Any of them might be helpful or harmful, depending on how you approach them. They can offer possible insight into who you are and how you operate, but don’t take them too seriously.

If you think you might have anger issues or if someone mentions that you seem angry, you have anger issues. You don’t need a test to tell you you’re angry. Just admit it to your Self. No harm will come to you.

Life is a real-time multidimensional anger test. Every day, we face many reasons to be angry. When we become aware of what triggers us into anger, we can stop our Selves from getting angry. Formalized anger tests might help you understand your Self. Daily life lets you practice it in real time.

If you genuinely want to be less angry, here’s how.

Always Angry and Irritated for No Reason?

You’re not alone. There’s a lot to be frustrated about these days. Support structures are crumbling for people, for the world and for everything in between. We don’t know where to look for comfort or grounding.

You as a human are not being recognized. Your self-respect, your dignity, your common sense, your morality and more are constantly under attack. If even a vague idea of those concepts remain within you at this point, congratulations. You’ve got the lead on most. Although it’s a huge disadvantage at this late stage of the game, practicing those ideas in the near future will be a key measure of a person’s value. The tide has already begun to change.

Why Are You Angry All The Time?

You’re angry because you’re scared. You’re scared because your Human Needs like Love, Food, Shelter aren’t being met, there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do about it and every time you speak up, you feel worse.

You’re scared because you don’t know what to do. What worked in the past no longer works. When you express your needs, you get stuffed, muted, shamed, attacked. Worse, you get empty assurances that everything will be alright, when you know damn well it won’t.

If you feel like you’re always angry and irritated for no reason, if you’re constantly feeling irritable and intolerant of others, you’re not wrong and you’re not alone. Day-by-day uncertainty is greater than it’s ever been, in all aspects of life. Humanity is being abused and we feel it personally, on an individual level.

Anger Releases Frustration But Causes Pain

Anger releases frustration and the world is a frustrating place. Our individual voices become muted by powerful forces of inevitable change. Whether we admit it to our Selves or not, we’re all frustrated and we all feel each other’s pain. Our individual anger helps release the frustration of Human Consciousness, but it hurts us and those around us. Anger causes tragedy. If you want to avoid tragedy, start by dealing with your anger head-on, right now.

There are various approaches to dealing with anger. Most address the anger by transmuting it or releasing it through your sheer willpower. These are important, possibly helpful techniques, but they don’t address the source of the problem, which is our own personal frustration.

Why do we get frustrated when we’re not being heard?

At our core, individual humans want acknowledgement and validation of the way we think of our Selves and see our Selves in the world. People without a strong sense of Self crave acknowledgement and validation, and they’ll – completely unconsciously – use others to get them.

One of your responsibilities as an aware human is to acknowledge and validate your Self. Stop needing external support for your Self, while you give it to others. When you acknowledge and validate your Self, you become Free. External validation is temporary support at best. It’s usually unconsciously false and manipulative.

This is not to put the blame on other people. We’re each completely unconscious in our own special ways. These character traits can often be seen by everyone we interact with, while we remain completely blind to our own behavior.

How To Not Get Frustrated With Life

The trick is to not get frustrated with life. We do that by not taking apparant disrespect personally. Whether we’re being toy’d with by a one-world government or ignored by someone we know, even when it feels very personal, it’s not about you.

It is you who interpret all your external input and we’re each subject to our personal unconscious interpretation filters. Those unconscious filters determine how we see the world and how we take someone’s bad joke. Two people will interpret the exact same comment in completely different ways. One might quickly forget all about it while the other obsesses for lifetimes over the same thing. One could laugh while another will cry at the same input.

Your reaction to the external world is up to you and it determines the world you live in. If you’re always angry, intolerant of others and irritable, you will see a world with those characteristics. Only you can break the cycle by becoming aware of your patterns and changing them.

Unconscious personal patterns are unconscious only until we look at them. Become aware of your reactions and consider how you might frame the input differently.

If others aren’t meeting your expectations, change your expectations of them. Allow people to be who they are. You can – and should only want to – only change your Self. Allow them to express them Selves and let them know you hear and feel them. If they offend you, re-frame it and feel compassion for yet another unconscious human. It’s not their fault any more than it’s your fault when you offend someone without knowing it.

Give people a break, especially when you get no quarter.

Most people are 99% unconscious in their interactions and reactions. They’re going to act the way they act and it has nothing to do with you, even if it’s directed at you. It’s up to you to not make it about you.

An infinite variety of things might be going on in anyone’s mind at any given time. As humans on earth right now, we have no idea what’s inside other people, and we do not want to know. You deal with what’s inside you.

Other Ways To Manage Your Anger

Start by giving your Self a break. You’re under a lot of stress and you’re handling it. Then congratulate your Self. You’re self-aware enough to know that you’re angry a lot and you’re courageous enough to look into it. you’re already way ahead of the pack.

Formal Multidimensional Anger Tests

Now that you’re on your way to less anger, you might benefit from the insight of a free online multidimensional anger test. This is intended to help you understand your anger issues more clearly, which which might help you recognize your triggers and disarm them before they’re tripped. Understanding your anger is a big step toward releasing it. Whatever helps your understanding might help release your anger. Don’t put too much weight in any formalized test.

How To Process Your Anger

You want to release your anger, not control or manipulate it. You can’t fight anger because the energy of fighting feeds it. The act of releasing your anger sets you free.

When you get really angry for any reason, control it and let it run its course. Process it in your own way without causing any harm. Release it and get on with your life as quickly as you can. Accept the situation or whatever made you mad and put your anger into working constructively with what you’ve got.

Comforting other people will also ease your anger. Compassion brings us closer to God.

Anger and Fear

Of course, the root cause of all anger is fear. We will touch on this only briefly here. Fear must first be dealt with on a level above the fear – the cause of the anger. As uncomfortable as it might be, being dictated to and offended is something we can grab onto and manage.

Human Fear and Anger are primal, nebulous tricksters. They shape and form our lives without us even knowing it. Primal Fear and Anger are too intense for the Human psyche to confront directly.

Fear is the primary trigger for anger and they feed off each other. Since fear is the source, we must deal with our fear. We transcend fear by Knowing that we are immortal creatures. The body (Ego) acts like it’s everything, but it knows it’s not. The Ego makes you think that you will die with it and it is always afraid of death. That doesn’t mean you should be scared too. Don’t be fooled by your body’s personality. Just as surely that your Ego will one day die, the true energetic You will not ever die. That false trap of illusion creates fear.

You are not your body. Stop thinking you are your body. Your body is a course representation of the true you, which is the energy that animates the physical body. When the body becomes lifeless, you will still be you, you’re just not stuck in a body. You remain aware of your Self and maintain your individuality, so stop worrying.

Summary: Change your expectations so you don’t get frustrated. You have nothing to fear, so there’s no need to be angry.