Recognize Yourself 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Recognize Yourself 2

Recognize yourself

We all want to be recognized, and most of our lives are spent seeking external validation of who we think we are. We must realize that we will never find completion in an external illusion. True Recognition is not in remembering something separate from you, it is remembering your Self.

When you recognize your self, you provide your own true validation of your importance.

Great theory, but what the heck does it mean to recognize your self?

To recognize your self, means literally to think about yourself again. Become aware of yourself by thinking about your self over and over.

Literally, re-cognize your self. When you explore your self, you validate your own expression in three dimensions, and your three dimensional expression reflects who you are inside. Recognizing yourself means that you become aware of who you are in this three dimensional expression.


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