Recognize Yourself 1

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Recognize Yourself 1

Recognize yourself

In society today, we take words for granted. We’ve forgotten their hidden power. Certain words act as unconscious triggers to deeper understanding.

The word ‘recognize’ is meant to trigger human awareness. To cognize is to become aware. To re-cognize is to become aware again. We recognize people we have known before.

When we recognize, we give relevance, we re-confirm the previous existance of something or someone, including our selves.

It is said that the only time people in a relationship recognize each other is when they argue or have conflict. People will pick fights with their partner, just to be recognized, to make their partner aware of them.

When your partner gives you attention, they recognize you. Their recognition of you confirms your relavence. Recognition is confirmation. Arguing with our partner gives us external validation that we make a difference. When we argue, we use others to help us believe that we matter to the world.


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