Outgrow Your Obstacles 3

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Outgrow Your Obstacles 3

Outgrow Your Obstacles

The easiest way to outgrow your problems is to see them in the context of the bigger picture, and change your attitude toward them.

Whatever challenge you are faced with, it fits into the big picture of the pursuit of your dreams. Think about how your obstacle will help you reach your goals. What opportunities exist that you didn’t see before? What are you preparing for, that the big picture might bring? What emotional and physical skills can you learn now that will serve you in the future?

Ask yourself what you want to learn from the problem. Ask yourself how you want to grow in this moment, to bring you closer to your personal goals. Once you learn from it, you will outgrow it and release it, to make room for a new challenge.

Think of how you will be different after the problem is gone. How will you grow? What new challenges can you now face?

You don’t have to overcome anything. You only have to learn and grow. You can either face the challenge or use it as an opportunity to redirect your path. Either choice will lead you closer to your desires.


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