Outgrow Your Obstacles 2

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Outgrow Your Obstacles 2

Outgrow Your Obstacles

Instead of overcoming your problems, focus on how you can outgrow them. When we outgrow a problem, it becomes powerless. When we naturally release our emotions from the obstacle, it disappears.

Obstacles exist only in our own self-defeating thoughts. Problems have the power to hinder our progress only because we are emotionally attached to them. Our emotions are the lifeblood of our opposition. Without our emotional energy, the problems disappear.

If you take a child’s security blanket, the child will learn to live without it. Children will overcome their need for external support, but probably only after separation anxiety sets in and proceeds to plague their entire life.

On the other hand, when children naturally outgrow their need for a security blanket, they take their own power back from an object that is separate from themselves. Outgrowing means that you remove your emotional tie to a situation or person that is separate from yourself.
Without an emotional tie, it can no longer control you.


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