Organize Your Goals

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Organize Your Goals


In order to take control of our lives, we must define and prioritize our goals. Get a clear picture of where you want your life to go. Organize your long term goals in all areas of your life, personal, professional, emotional, logical, spiritual and all other aspects of Self that you can think of. Study your goals and become familiar with them. How does each one make you feel? How do they tie in and connect with each other?

Break each long-term goal into shorter, manageable goals, then break those subgoals down even further, until you have at least a month worth of daily and weekly goals. As you accomplish each small task, you will become closer to your long-term future.

Make each long-term goal clear in your mind. Concentrate on how you will feel upon success. Surround yourself with icons and pictures to remind you of your long term goals throughout the course of a hectic day wrought with unwanted surprises.

When all your action becomes necessary and purposeful to YOUR goal, you make your own decisions. You take control of your own destiny. With each purposeful action, you empower yourself and define your own life, instead of your life defining you.


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