Opposition 1

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Opposition 1


Human Beings are evolving. We are moving into fourth dimensional expression. This is a natural evolution of the species, and it means change for each of us on the most personal, intimate level. The change within us will be natural, and when we become aware of the process, we can make changes in our daily decisions that will encourage and empower the natural shift occurring within each of us. The right decisions can also make our lives graceful and easy.

We are making a shift from the third dimension ruled by our Ego, into the fourth dimension ruled by Love. Think of Love as Ego’s complete surrender to Unification. When we shift from separation into Unity, the way we think of ourselves and interact with others will transform to become supportive and smooth. We’ll be more understanding of each other. Cooperation will replace competition, as people realize that cooperation helps and competition hurts.


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