Observe Your Goals Into Existence 5

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Observe Your Goals Into Existence 5

Zero Point Energy

When you look at your success icons, imagine yourself there, after you’ve achieved your goals. Think of how you feel with all this success under your belt. If you think of HOW you will get there, you will defeat yourself before you ever get into the game. Your destination is up to you, since your focus creates your life. How you get there is the magical mystery that is life as a human. How it happens is not your concern.

Your concern is feeling your goals as if they’ve already happened. Feel gratitude for success as if you’re already successful.

When you ask for your life to change, it will, but maybe not in ways that you expect. Change will come and when it does, your job is to allow it to happen. Don’t judge the change emotionally. Just allow it. You asked for change in your life, and you got it so don’t fight it. It is a step toward your clear goal which you always keep in mind and in heart.


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