Observe Your Goals Into Existence 3

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Observe Your Goals Into Existence 3

Zero Point Energy

Three dimensional life begins with our creation of it, yet we create what we observe in our lifes. This is indeed a paradox, which means that two or more forces seem to oppose each other, but can empower each other when used properly.

We create our environment by observing it in our lives, logically, emotionally and physically.

When we become aware of abundance, we can see it in our lives. What happens to random energy when we observe it? It becomes focused as three dimensional matter, that represents what you are focusing on.

There is a chaotic sea of random energy that creates matter. We organize the random energy into three dimensional form by looking at it with a specific focus, a specific attitude.

Your focus over time is the process of manifestation. When you consciously focus on your future each day, your attitudes build momentum, until they reach a critical mass and appear in your life.


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