Modern Meditation 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Modern Meditation 2

Modern Meditation

The mind can race even more violently when we find a moment to become still. If you don’t fall asleep during meditation, the first tortuous efforts are spent settling your mind. This can take a moment, or it can last until we get frustrated and turn on the TV. As we practice making our mind still, we will become better at it, but who has time to practice mental stillness, on top of everything else we must cram into these short days, now that Time is compressed?

You require neither stillness nor silence to practice squelching the chatter that is constantly distracting your mind. Exercise is a great example. Many people try to distract themselves when they exercise. They put on headphones, watch TV, read, talk, anything to remove the mind from the exercise.

When you instead use that heightened physiological state to relax your body and still your mind, a powerful energetic synergy is created which magnifies the power of meditation.


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