Modern Meditation 1

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Modern Meditation 1

Modern Meditation

Meditation is an attitude exercise. When you purposefully focus your mind and emotions, you entrain and focus your logical and emotional energy on a specific purpose. Your imagination is your link to infinite creation. When you align your thoughts and emotions, you tap into the infinite power of the Human Being, which has long been forgotten.

Many gurus suggest meditation in silence and stillness, which is great if you don’t dwell in the physical world.

For the rest of us, becoming still is the last thing on our daily list, right after trying to find a restless sleep for a few hours.

When we do find a moment’s peace, we can’t use it for meditation. The precious moment is so rare and fleeting, it would be wasted on meditation. We all know that our mind continues to race after a hectic day, and it can be even worse when we try to meditate.


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