Mirrors In The Hologram 5

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Mirrors In The Hologram 5

Create Your Future

Since everyone we know are reflections of our selves, we can learn about ourselves and improve ourselves by watching others. We can see both the good and bad in ourselves by observing other people. When we see good behavior we can follow it, and when we see people acting badly, we can see what not to do.

We often can not see our own bad behavior, but when we see it in others we can begin to recognize it in ourselves. When we change in ourselves what we don’t like in others, those people will disappear from our lives.

Since we’re all mirrors of each other, when we hurt others, we hurt ourselves far more. Imagine how we’d all act toward each other if we each knew that everyone else was simply a reflection of ourselves. The easier we are on other people, the easier we are on ourselves. When you have patience with someone else, you have patience with yourself. When you like and accept others, you like and accept yourself.

Throughout the course of your day, try to remember that the people you interact with are each a different aspect of yourself. Try to see yourself in other people. Your compassion, patience and personal power will grow as you become more comfortable with this idea. You will gain an ever-deepening understanding of yourself, accompanied by the confidence that comes with truly knowing who you are.

When we understand why other people act the way they do, we can understand our own behavior, and then we can change.


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