Mirrors In The Hologram 3

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Mirrors In The Hologram 3

Create Your Future

This is why some people are in our lives and others are not. Have you ever seen a complete stranger numerous times in a single day? Yet there are other people within the same physical proximity such as an office building, whose path you will never cross. You have something in common with the stranger you see often, and nothing in common with the person you don’t ever see.

This is the basis of the theory that we are all mirrors of each other. It is a confusing and often angering idea that everyone we know is simply a mirror of ourselves. It is natural to reject the idea at first, because it conflicts with our sense of individuality and offends our ego, which is our greatest protector and our greatest obstacle to enlightenment.

We create the hologram based on what we know from life, because it’s comfortable and easy to create what we’ve already created. Creating something we’re not familiar with is a completely different undertaking.

Ponder this for a day. Allow your mind to expand and your ego to retreat. Tomorrow we will discuss how Mirror In The Hologram can be used as a powerful tool of self discovery.


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