Mirrors In The Hologram 1

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Mirrors In The Hologram 1

Create Your Future

Let us begin today with the agreement that people do create their own realities. Let’s also agree that the three dimensional world is a hologram created by each person and agreed to by the mass consciousness.

When each of us create the hologram, the information on what to build is contained in each person’s emotions, thoughts and beliefs about life. As children, we learn patterns of reaction by studying the adults in our lives and trying to emulate them. As we grow, our reactions and expectations come to be based on our past experiences. We react more automatically and unconsciously as life progresses. As we progress in life, we also learn what to expect based on our past experiences.

Eventually, we become unconscious programs. We react the way we always have, and we expect what we’ve always gotten from life. Your reactions and expectations in life define who you are as an individual. They are the program of you as an adult, written by your life.


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