Mental Prisons 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Mental Prisons 2

Mental Prison

The fact is that the situational prison is only in our mind. There is a way out of any situation,
but we get stuck in our unconscious patterns.

The mechanics of how our desires come to us is beyond our understanding, yet the lack of
understanding forms the cage. When we think of a future we want, the defeatist attitude (Ego)
obliterates our fantasy with the question of how it will ever happen. We are instantly convinced
that it won’t happen because we can’t imagine HOW it would happen.

It is not for us to know how.  That would be so boring!  Leave it to the How to the Universe, with it’s infinite potential. All you have to do is keep the
goal focused in your mind, act towards it, know that it will happen, and watch it unfold in ways
you never expected.


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