Logic Emotion Balance 3

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Logic Emotion Balance 3


When we are faced with unexpected situations, our logical/emotional balance can be thrown in one direction or another, depending on all the aspects of who we are. Once the balance is gone, we want to act impulsively, without consideration of the consequences of our actions, on ourselves and others. This is true for excesses of both logic and emotion.

To enhance your life, it is important to find balance before you decide and act. It may take days, weeks, even years, but it is important to not act based purely on either emotion or logic. When a person acts without balance, they always end up hurting themselves.

When you’re out of balance, think of the consequences of your actions, then think of your desired goal or situation. Do your actions bring you closer to your goal, or get you further away? Action without balance always brings people further from their goals and makes them harder to achieve.

To find balance, think of the real consequences of what you’ll do next. This feeds your Logic.
Then consider how your next actions will make people feel. This feeds your Emotions.


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