Life Lessons Painful or Pleasant

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Life Lessons Painful or Pleasant

Life Lessons Good Bad

We’re all here to grow. The purpose of incarnating on earth as a physical human is to facilitate the growth of our higher self, our soul, our spirit.

All our experiences cause growth, and they can be either positive or negative. Our higher self doesn’t care how we grow. Our higher self exists in a realm of neutrality, beyond positive and negative, so it doesn’t care what polarity we choose to grow from.

It is up to us, the physical humans, to choose, through free will, what side of the coin we want to experience. Our higher self sees the whole coin and knows that whether the physical aspect of itself (physical humans) has a joyous experience or painful experience, the same lesson will be learned and the same growth will occur.

It is up to the physical human to decide, consciously or unconsciously, which polarity of the lesson to experience. We can consciously choose the nature of the growth experience by having conscious control of our thoughts.

Our thoughts dictate our emotions. Our emotions about a person or situation depend on what we choose to think about it, our attitude towards it, our perspective about it, the way we see it.

Choose A Negative Or Positive Life Lesson

You choose the polarity of the life lessons you experience. Good or bad, it depends on your thoughts about it.

We can have a good attitude or a bad attitude, depending on our thoughts. Our thoughts define our attitude and dictate our energy. If we think a situation is awful, the situation will give us an awful experience. If we think the exact same situation is joyous, the situation will give us a joyous life lesson experience. Our higher self doesn’t care. It sees no difference between positive and negative life lessons. It sees only growth, which is the same from the positive and negative polarities.

Our higher self doesn’t care. It sees no difference between positive and negative life lessons.

It is important to note that we each have a natural tendency to think in one polarity or the other. Some people will always find a way to be pissed off, no matter what. Some people will always find something good in any situation, no matter how awful it seems. Those natural tendencies of thought are mostly set during childhood, roughly up to age 10.

That matters only so that we can be aware of our own tendencies and consciously redefine them as adults. When we see our own natural patterns, we can change them. This article offers one tool you can use to work with your inner child.

How to Redefine Your Attitudes Toward Your Life Lessons

Of course I’m pissed off! This sucks! Of course I’m upset! You would be too! Anyone would be pissed off if this happened to them!

Not so. Even though it is a perfectly natural reaction for you, does not mean everyone would react that way.

When 67 year old Edison’s factory burned down, he said, “There go all our mistakes up in smoke! We’ll start fresh in the morning!” And he did. That created a positive life lesson.

Any time something bad happens, every time something pisses you off, scares you or makes you feel out of control, notice it. Become aware of what triggered your negative emotions. What is the situation and what are your thoughts toward the situation?

Relax your muscles, breathe slowly and deeply. Focus on the now moment. Then think about the many ways someone else might see the situation as positive. Adopt one of those points of view. Feel how it feels to approach the situation from a positive perspective.

Yes, this takes extreme self-awareness and it probably won’t be easy at first. All skills take self-discipline and conscious practice. And they are all worth it.


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