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Inner Child

Inner Child

As adults, most of our thoughts and reactions come from our childhood.  For about the first 10 years of our lives, the core foundation of our being is programmed into us.  The programs become our unconscious default mode of thinking and interacting with the world around us.  Our programming defines who we’re attracted to, what we take offense to and what patterns we’ll repeat over and over as adults.

In order to learn and grow beyond our childhood programming as adults, it’s important to be able to recognize these patterns and consciously change them.  This is usually far harder than we might think.  Our programs are hardwired into us.  They define who we are.  Most of us would be terrified at the prospect of redefining ourselves.

In order to redefine who we are, we must first unmake ourselves and we can’t do that without losing our sense of self.  Talk about ungrounded.  It is beyond uncomfortable.  It is terrifying to lose one’s self.

Childhood Reprogramming Tools

Most tools to go back and change our childhoods focus on particular events, usually unpleasant.  We go back to a defining moment in our childhoods and change it.  We imagine it differently than we remember it, thereby changing it and its effect on us.

Such tools are powerful in reprogramming our childhood hardwiring events.  The tools should not be underestimated and can have an incredible positive effect on the present.  But there can be so many childhood defining events and many of them are unconscious.  I don’t care to bring them back to the surface, thank you.  I’m very happy not remembering traumatic childhood events.  I wish I could forget the trauma I do remember.

Rewrite Your Childhood In The Present

Forget the trauma of the past and remember a supportive past in the present.  Here’s how.

See and feel yourself as a child of about 6 years old hanging out with you as an adult.  You as a 5 or 6 year old is hanging out with the adult you, right now.  There’s suddenly a 6 year old kid hanging out with you and the kid is you.  While you’re doing whatever you’re doing as an adult, going through your daily adult life, look over and see yourself as a kid hanging out with you.  

You look at you as a kid and smile.  You as the kid looks up admiringly at you as an adult and smiles.  The kid admires you and wants to be like you.  The 6 year old simulates your actions and feels like the adult it wants to grow into, you.

Become yourself as a kid hanging out with yourself as an adult.  Go into the perspective of you as a kid hanging out with you as an adult.  Feel their innocence and their pride in hanging out with you, who they love and admire unconditionally.  By simulating you, the child feels like you, the person she/he wants to become.

Now it’s up to you as an adult to program a naturally positive attitude within you as a child, that will define you for the rest of your life.  You do that by having a positive attitude toward any situation, no matter how bad it seems at face value.

This also opens your heart and is amazing practice for living from your heart.  When you see and feel yourself as a kid hanging out with yourself as an adult, your heart opens from both points of view.  You feel compassion and love as a child and as an adult.  These high vibrational energies open your direct connection to your higher self and allow direct communication with your spirit.

You’re programming your own childhood patterns by instilling your adult wisdom into yourself as an innocent child.

Feel deep love and compassion between the two of you.  Embrace those high frequency feelings and hold onto them as long as possible throughout the day.  Just go on with your day as normal, but with a really awesome kid hanging out with you.  Look over and smile at your kid self as they smile back.

When things are not going well in your life, look at your kid self and let her or him tell you to not worry, it will all turn out ok.  Feel your kid self’s positive attitude toward all situations and adopt that attitude.  Let their innocence teach you how to be as an adult.

Have conversations with your child self.  Give your wisdom to your kid self and let your kid self give you the purity of a child.  Your kid self is wise beyond your years because their childhood programming is still being written…By you!  Thanks to your adult wisdom, negative patterns will not become established.

You’re programming your own childhood patterns by instilling your adult wisdom into yourself as an innocent child.

This feels really good and it’s really powerful.


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