Impulse Force 5

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Impulse Force 5


Remember yesterday’s discussion about expanding the time frame of an impulse force into a longer interaction. When we do this, we can explore more deeply, the forces that have shaped our lives.

Now see your entire life, from beginning to end, as an instant in time, a single, quick impulse force. Now, from our present perspective, we have slowed the instant impulse of our entire lives, so that we can experience every nuance and phase of the impulse force of our life.

As we examine and experience the single impulse as a moment by moment event, we change and redirect the momentum of our lives, in real time. This is a perfect feedback loop, with a built-in necessary safety-regulator of the time delay for three dimensional manifestation.

Matter is made up of the impulse forces of our consciousness. A human life can be thought of as an impulse force, transformed by human consciousness.

Each of us are transforming the impulse force of a human life, in real-time, while it is happening.


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