Impulse Force 1

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Impulse Force 1


We all know the feeling of an impulse. When we act on impulse, it is without conscious thought. An impulse can be defined as, “a sudden, involuntary inclination prompting to action.”

An impulse is also defined as, “an impelling action or force, driving onward or inducing motion.” A hammer hitting a nail is a classic example of an impulse force. The sudden, instant force from the hammer induces the nail to motion.

The actual action during a football game with the clock running, is an impulse force in the context of the game. The mind boggles to think about what goes into the production of a football game.

It takes three hours to run one hour off the game clock, and there’s not always action on the field while the game clock is running. The time of action on the field is like 13 minutes or so, for a three-hour televised production, which is a small part of what goes into a football game.

All because of the impulse force of 11 minutes of action.


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