Human Collective Consciousness 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Human Collective Consciousness 2

Collective Consciousness

Each person will have their own interpretation of life, each adding to the collective consciousness of humanity. We are each an active part of this human experience soup, and the soup connects us all, through our thoughts and actions. Every thought we have, every action we take, affects every person on Earth.

We influence the thoughts of those around us, and we are influenced by those we spend time with. Your beliefs about your own life contribute to the mass consciousness and influence others, while their thoughts influence you.

What do you bring to the mix?

Knowing that all possibilities of human experience exist in the collective consciousness, we can consciously align with frequencies that we want in our lives. There is, for example, an abundance frequency, a lack frequency, the frequency of having control over your life and the frequency of being a powerless victim.


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