How To Become Fifth Dimensional

The 5th Dimension Awaits

How To Become Fifth Dimensional

Enter Fifth Dimension

As humans in third dimensional expression, we place judgement on everything.  The third dimension is a realm of duality, so we interpret everything through the lense of opposites such as good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong.  We judge absolutely everything.  We have no idea we’re doing it, it’s just what we naturally do.  We’re born into duality so it’s all we know.

Negative and positive are literally what we and our world are made of.  Opposite polarities hold the three dimensional world together and keep everything from disintegrating.

This causes problems because whether we believe it or not, those unconscious judgements create our reality.  Not right away, thank God, but over time our thoughts about the world create the world in which we live.  Accept it or not, the way we see the world defines the world we live in.

If we interpret things as mostly negative, we live in a mostly negative world.  If your thoughts tend to be more positive, the world probably isn’t such a bad place in your eyes.

When we judge something as good, we feel good about it.  Feeling good raises our energy’s vibration.  When we judge something as bad, that judgement lowers our vibration.  We can feel the difference.  A higher frequency feels good and a lower frequency feels bad.  It truly is that simple.

All negative judgement comes from the ego, which sees us as separate from everyone and everything.  Since ego is convinced that we’re all separate, it is out to protect us, which it does mostly through fear.  Ego uses fear to protect us because when we get scared, we run away and try to avoid whatever we’re afraid of.

But what does fear do?  It draws to us the very thing that scares us.

1 – No Negative Judgements

When we judge others as negative, we judge ourselves. When we see someone as bad, our ego generates fear around why we think they’re bad and we attract that to us. No negative judgement, no fear, no attraction of what we fear.

When we judge situations as negative, we fear it and we attract it to us.

How do we escape this cycle of fear attracting itself?  We must go to the source of fear and nip it in the bud.  Remember the source of fear?  Fear comes directly from judging things as negative.  Therefore, if we don’t judge anything as negative, we won’t have any fear and nothing fearful can ever be drawn to us.

How do we eliminate all our negative judgements when there’s so much negativity in the world?  What about all the terrible things that happen every day, the awful people who hurt others and the senseless tragedies?

To find an answer, we search beyond the third dimension, a realm not bound by the limitation of opposite polarities, the realm in which our higher self dwells and oversees our physical lives.

From a perspective beyond three dimensions, higher self  doesn’t judge anything as positive or negative.  Everything just IS.  Our higher selves and other entities who exist beyond the third dimension remain completely neutral about everything that goes on in 3D.  They don’t care if we learn our lessons from a positive or negative experience.

From a perspective beyond three dimensions, higher self doesn’t judge anything as positive or negative.

But the part of ourselves that we’re aware of, exists as physical creatures in a physical realm.  Our awareness knows only positive and negative, so how do we express ourselves from the realm just beyond 3D, where there is no polarity?  

Again, the realm beyond 3D, where our higher self resides, does not exist on a foundational structure of duality.  It is constructed from a third polarity, the polarity of Neutrality.  There is no positive and negative, good or bad.  Everything is just Neutral.  Everything just IS.  The entire fifth dimensional realm is a neutral state of Being.

But the question remains:  How do third dimensional physical creatures find a state of fifth dimensional neutrality?  Do we, who know nothing but opposites, have any reference point of neutrality to grasp onto and run with?  What can we possibly use as a basis of understanding of neutrality?  If duality is all we know, how can we even begin to understand how to be neutral?

2 – Unconditional Love – Finding Neutrality in the Third Dimension

There is one concept familiar to everyone, that describes a neutral state of being.  It is our direct connection to our higher selves, to higher dimensional realms and indeed to God, Unity Consciousness, All That Is.

The state of Neutrality is not the state of not caring about anyone or anything.  It is the opposite.  When we are neutral, we care deeply about everything and everyone, unconditionally.  Conditions are polarities created by our judgement, so our caring must be unconditional.

Is this state of neutrality beginning to sound familiar?  The state of neutrality is the state of Unconditional Love.  Being neutral to everything is being in the state of unconditional love.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna asks Krishna how to get past duality when we are born into it.  Krishna replies that you must learn to see with the same eye, the beggar and the king, the criminal and the righteous.  That “same eye” is the eye of Love.  In other words, love everyone no matter who they are or what they’ve done.  Love everyone without conditions or qualifications.  Love everyone and everything unconditionally.

Being neutral to everything is being in the state of unconditional love.

The state of unconditional love is the state of neutrality.  It’s not for humans to judge other humans.  Leave the judgement to God.  Thus the phrase, Leave ‘Em to Heaven. Neutrality and unconditional love describe the state of being in the fifth-dimensional realm. 

From the third dimension, we get to the fifth dimension by going through the fourth-dimensional realm of emotion.  In the third dimension, we stop judging everything.  We pass through the fourth dimension by opening our hearts and embracing deep emotion, thereby arriving in the fifth dimension.

While in the third dimension, we must practice and learn to feel love, compassion, empathy at all times.  This is how we gain access to the fourth dimensional realm of emotion.  Once we are solidly in the fourth dimension, feeling those high frequency emotions at all times, we are then ready to enter the fifth dimension.

Here’s an easy way to practice unconditional love.


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