Empower Your SELF

What is Gaslighting?


People usually talk about gaslighting in the context of individual relationships, especially couples and families. That’s a reflection of the big picture, where worldwide governments gaslight their citizens. On this scale, gaslighting has become the established method of governing Humanity and the world.

Gaslighting makes the target feel guilty, shameful, inferior, confused.

Gaslighting is meant to weaken the target through confusion. It is meant to throw the target off balance mentally, making them question them Selves. The attacker seeks to gain control and dominate the target.

Gaslighters twist the facts to meet their needs. They blend reality and lies to their own benefit, into a dizzying array of hypnotic suggestions designed to make you feel insane.

10 Subtle Signs of Gaslighting

Watch out for these warning signs that you’re being gaslit.

  1. You feel guilty and shameful that you questioned them in any way.
  2. They tell you that your perception of reality is wrong. You’re imagining things. You’re crazy for thinking those things. You’re blowing things out of proportion. The way you see things is wrong. Your view is absolutely invalid.
  3. They will force onto you, what they see as absolutely water-tight, irrefutable logic. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not thinking clearly. Here’s why. Case closed. How can you possibly see it any other way, unless you’re completely demented and out of touch with reality?
  4. They won’t let you talk. They don’t want to hear your story because to them, it’s invalid anyway. Anything you have to say, express or communicate is an immediate threat to them, and they will shut you down instantly and absolutely, over and over and over. They get off on proving to them Selves that they’re in control.
  5. They see you as a broken creature who needs to be straightened out. Your point of view, your feelings and thoughts, anything that defines you as an individual is a grave threat to gaslighters, to be dominated and destroyed.
  6. They make you feel like you are the one who is wrong and bad
  7. A gaslighter will never even consider that they might be wrong or at fault. In their eyes, the trouble is with you. They are totally clean, without exception. They are never inaccurate in their actions, words, thoughts. A gaslighter is above reproach. The target is always at fault and the gaslighter lets them know it. The more shame and guilt the target feels, the more control the gaslighter thinks they have.
  8. A gaslighter will often use terms that you don’t understand, then complain that they have to explain everything to you. You don’t understand anything.
  9. Gaslighters often speak certain phrases quickly and quietly, in an effort to throw you off and distract you.
  10. Gaslighting throws many different, often conflicting ideas at you quickly. When TV and other video flashes on something for less than a second, you don’t have time to fully focus on an image before the next one pops up. This can be very hypnotic and confusing, especially to your subconscious.
    • The same thing happens in arguments and relationships. The target loses their center, their grounding, and becomes dis-oriented in the argument.

Narcissist Gaslighting Examples

  • You’re out with your partner and they’re obviously attracted to someone else. When you try to bring it up later, they tell you that you’re imagining things and blowing it out of proportion. Now you’ve ruined the whole evening. They make you second-guess your Self. They make you feel guilty and ashamed.
  • The government keeps changing their story, so it’s impossible to keep up. They send conflicting messages, so you’re not sure what to do or what to believe. You did not see what you saw. We’re telling you what you saw. You must remain in Fear at all times, lest you be the reason the world ends tomorrow.

Gaslighting Phrases

These phrases are designed to make you question your Self and to see your Self as inferior and alone. They are purposefully dis-empowering.

  • Are you sure?
  • You don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • That’s not how it happened.
  • You’re wrong.
  • I was only kidding!
  • It’s a good thing I’m here to straighten you out.
  • You’re not seeing clearly.
  • Why do I put up with you?
  • Sometimes, you’re really off the wall.
  • You’re Too Sensitive/Emotional.
  • I was only trying to help you.

Are You Being Gaslit?

If you’re confused and doubting your Self, if you feel embarassed, ashamed or guilty, yes, you’re probably being gaslit. If you regret sticking up for your Self or questioning the gaslighter, yes, you’re probably being gaslit.

Anger is good in these situations because it is a sign that you value your Self and you know on some level that you’re being manipulated and used for the support of an insecure Ego.

Gaslighting is meant to undermine your self-esteem and your self-confidence. When you feel shame, guilt, confusion, even anger, yes, you’re being gaslit.

How To Respond To Gaslighting

Unless you’re looking for a battle, the only way to disarm a gaslighter is to make them think you agree, even if you don’t. The more you try to assert your Self in any way, the more they will feel threatened and the harder they will attack. Let them think they’ve won, get away from their influence and get your Self back.

If someone or some thing is gaslighting you, don’t try to change them. Gaslighters are very unconscious and insecure. They have a long way to go – fighting tooth and nail the whole way – to consciously look at their behavior toward others and consciously make a positive change. This is exceptionally difficult even for enlightened, aware people.

Gaslighters act from their Ego. If you try to expose someone’s Ego, bad things happen.

How To Turn The Tables On A Gaslighter

Tell them they’re right. Say that you know what you were thinking. Shut them right up. The more you argue and defend your Self, the thicker they’ll lay it on. Politely Agree and win. It undermines their power because if they think you agree with them, there’s no reason in their mind to gaslight you.

All the while you outwardly agree, inside you take the higher ground and see them for what they are. Unconscious Terrified Wretches.

It takes a strong person to stuff their ego, maintain their sense of Self and pretend to agree with a gaslighter. Just feel sorry for them because they are so incredibly blind. Forgive them their egoic blindness.

Gaslighters are inherently very weak and insecure. Although they may appear to be strong and wield power, they are in reality, Pathetic Wretches drowning in Fear.

Stay away from them and ignore their insane antics.

How To Stay Sane Under A Gaslighting Attack

Be strong within your Self. Recognize what’s going on and do not succumb to the seductive trickery that makes you feel inferior. Use the attack to build your Self-resolve. Be sure of your Self. The more your attacker insists you’re insane and wrong, the more you must steel your Self inside. Get away from your attacker, re-center your Self and start taking action to remove your Self from the line of fire.

Gaslighting is a form of Emotional Warfare, which is a level below Spiritual Warfare. Interesting that so many powerful spiritual warriors succumb to the lower forces of emotional manipulation.

Unintentional Gaslighting

Almost everyone is completely unconscious, especially gaslighters. If you’re in a relationship with a gaslighter and you know it, it’s up to you – it is your responsibility – to remove your Self from the gaslighting. If you’re being gaslit by a governmnet, just do, think and believe the opposite of what they’re telling you.

Narcissist Gaslighting

Narcissists are professional gaslighters. They get a sense of power from exhibiting to them Selves, that they can confuse and control others. That’s why you’re valuable to them. In their mind, when they confuse others, they control others, and that gives them a sense of security. Gaslighting makes them feel like everything is as it should be, because they’re in control.

Gaslighters usually have no concept that they’re doing anything wrong. As long as they’re in control, things are good, but that’s not how they see it.

Gaslighters have a Savior Complex

In order to justify to them Selves, the fact that they’re dehumanizing others, gaslighters often genuinely believe that they are helping their targets. The gaslighter is a blessing to the target’s life. Without the gaslighter, the target would have stayed lost and insane. Out of the goodness of their Heart, the gaslighter selflessly takes it upon themselves to straighten out the target.