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What Happens When We Die?

Spirit Leaving the Body

What Happens After Death – An Overview

Think of dying as Graduating from Earth. When we have learned all we can from the physical lifetime, we move on to the next level of learning. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as being in the physical world, where we’re blinded from God.

When we die, our Spirit, also known as our Soul, sheds the confining limitations of the physical body. We feel liberated and expansive. We feel completely loved and accepted for exactly who we are. We return back to our more natural form of energy, not in a physical body. Going Home is Exhilarating.

Right after death, communication is through symbols and feelings, based on what you’re familiar with and what you expect. Details of the experience, how the it manifests for you, are highly personalized and different for everyone.

The underlying tone of the experience, however, is mostly the same. Peace. Acceptance. Unity. Love. You maintain your Unique Individuality and your Sense of Self, while feeling at One with all other forms of energy and consciousness.

When we die, our Consciousness – the Self-Aware Energy that we are – becomes less dense and changes form, like water into vapor, but we still remain conscious – aware – of our Selves. Humans are vibrating energy, and energy cannot cease to exist. As conscious energy, we can only change form.

When we leave our physical form and become floating energy without a solid body, we enter a new phase of conscious awareness with different laws of physics and personal expression, than that of dense physical matter.

Physical death is both the ending of physical personal expression and the beginning of personal expression within a more ethereal realm. We stay who we are when we die. We are the same self-aware energy that animated the body. We just shed the body and find our Selves in a non-physical, less-dense realm. Nothing to fear, it’s as natural as birth and a lot easier.

No Suicide

Of course, taking your own life is not allowed. It only magnifies what you’re trying to escape and slows your personal growth. We’re supposed to expand Life, not constrict it or take it. Do not take your own life. Face what you’re here to face. It’s only temporary and facing it will make you feel amazing in the end.

Mourning Is Healthy and Natural

Mourning the loss of a loved one is a natural, healthy human experience. Just remember that it’s also healthy to start your own new beginnings and move on with your life. You are still in the physical world, for important reasons beyond your understanding.

People depend on you, and they especially need your happiness, joy, understanding, compassion, Love, now more than ever. These are powerful forces of God, available to every human. Tap into them and use them.

Send Your Love

Bless those who are passing and who have passed. Send them your Love. Send people Love while they are transitioning from the physical into less dense realms. Love and Blessings are powerful forces of transformation within every person’s Heart. It’s time we use them consciously.

Don’t just do this when death is involved. Sending your Love works miracles in the physical world, even when no one else is consciously aware of it, but you. Sending Love makes you feel good, so why not make it a habit? Practice it in all your daily interactions and challenges, until it becomes automatic.

Death almost always incites fear and uncertainty, but that’s not the only way to think of it. Death signifies the Joyous Completion of a Human Lifetime. That is no mean feat, no menial task, indeed. To be in Harmony with Cosmic Energies, natural death should be celebrated, for learning what was necessary and moving on. Job Well Done.

In an attempt to re-frame death as a natural Graduation from physical Earth, let’s answer a few common questions about death. These ideas lie at the core of most if not all genuine spiritual doctrines. Truth is Truth, no matter how you find it or interpret it.

What Happens 3 Minutes Before Death?

What happens in the few minutes before you die, depends on the situation of your death. In the case of a sudden, surprise or accidental death, there’s no indication that you’re minutes from death. When death is expected, use those last few moments of your physical life to find Peace, within your Self and with God. It’s never too late.

As the Spirit begins to associate with the Spiritual Realm more than the physical, the body’s physical energy level diminishes. Heart rate and breathing slow. Often, the person no longer has the energy to speak or respond normally. They begin to see and respond to things the Living don’t see. There may be an unusual smell in the room.

When the Heart and Breathing stop, the spirit in the body no longer feels pain. Pain stays with the body. A few minutes later, brain cells begin to die due to lack of oxygen. Remaining awareness doesn’t stay in the body for more than 5 – 10 minutes at the most, before the consciousness completely leaves the body.

When You Die Do You Go Straight To Heaven?

Yes and no.

Yes, in the sense that you become aware of being enveloped and immersed within God’s Love. You become aware of the sensation that you are completely accepted and loved for exactly who you are. After being confined to a body that blinds us from God’s Love, Freedom and Love feel like Heaven, but it’s not what most religions refer to as the Realm of Heaven. That comes after the physical knowledge is integrated into who you are.

How To Go To Heaven

The better we do here, in physical bodies on Earth right now, the closer we’ll be to Heaven when we die.

Doing good here means interacting with all people on a basis of Empathy, Respect and Love for who they are as individual people. Recognize other people’s individuality and treat them with Compassion. Love those who seek to be your enemies, so they have no conflict to latch onto.

How Soon After Death Do You Go To Heaven?

It depends on how you do in the physical life that just ended.

If you treat people with respect and compassion, even when your own needs aren’t being met, that gets you closer to Heaven. When you focus on helping others over helping your Self, you get closer to Heaven. Selfish deeds and pleasures get you further away from God.

If you make efforts to become aware of your Self, if pay attention to how you interact and react to people and why, if you maintain that awareness and self-correct in real-time, you are working on Personal Growth in a hostile, uncertain environment. That is Leveraged Growth because it’s so challenging.

All our thoughts, actions and intentions in the physical get us either closer or further from Heaven. In other words, what we do and think in our physical lives, change our personal energy patterns. When we die, we stay at the same level of energy – the same level of consciousness – that we are at the moment we shed the physical body.

How soon you go to Heaven after you die is all about:

  • How we treat people
  • How we make people feel
  • Becoming aware of our unconscious behavior
  • Changing our unconscious behavior

Small, Genuine, Selfless acts will indeed save you and Humanity.

Will We Live With Our Families In Heaven?

If you and your Guides feel that it’s in your Highest Good to do so, you surely may, for as long as your Heart desires. If you’re at Peace in a situation and you don’t want it to end, it does not have to. You decide within your Heart.

After we die and learn about our new surroundings, we can do pretty much whatever we want, until we get tired of it and move on.

After we shed the body, we can hang out with our True Soul Family, who we all know and recognize. Our Soul Family might be different or the same as our physical family.

When You Die Can You See Your Funeral?

Yes, if you and your Guides agree that the experience is in your Highest Good. All decisions about what you experience after your physical body dies, are ultimately up to you. Your Guides are only consultants.

Souls often choose to see their own funeral to help them understand and grow from their Lives. The Freedom and Heightened awareness that comes with losing the body can be a very helpful tool for Self-Expansion.

When Someone Dies Can They Come Back To See you?

Yes. Some choose to help you in your life, so you both may continue to grow together. They work with your Higher Self to guide you toward your Higher Good, a feeling nudging you in a certain direction.

If you get a sudden memory or thought of a person who has recently passed, they’re probably there, just not physical. You can often imagine exactly what they’re going to say in response to you. Imagination is a powerful force and dreams are closer to reality than they seem.

How Long Can Someone Hear After They Die?

Until they choose to focus on their new surroundings. 5-10 minutes is a good estimate. By then, they’re fully out of the body, curious about the incredible new world they’re suddenly in and how amazing it feels. Newly-freed spirits often loose interest in the 3D world within a few minutes if not right away. They suddenly have a whole new realm to explore, where they always feel Peaceful, Safe, Accepted and Loved.

Where Does the Soul Go After It Leaves the Body?

When we leave the body for the last time, we need to become accustomed to our new surroundings. It doesn’t take long to Remember our Home. It feels natural and comfortable, beyond what the physical has to offer. We Know God’s Love for us. Within that fundamental energy, we’ve got more work to do.

When we leave the body, we go to a Realm of Energy where Consciousness – individual awareness – expresses itself within different Laws of Physics. That is to say, when your body dies, you don’t change. You are still you, only without the confining distortion of the body. Only the way you express your Self changes.

When our body dies, the Soul goes to what humans crudely know as the Astral Realm or the Astral Plane. Don’t think of it as the fourth dimension, because that is different. The Astral Realm is more similar to where we go when we sleep, kind of like what we know as the Dream Realm, but without the sick distortion of the physical body’s hormones. It is not a place to fear. It is a place to gracefully accept.

Being your Self without a body takes some getting used to, but don’t worry, we quickly remember our Natural State of Being. We each have our own personal Guides who help us get comfortable. They know us very well and Love us completely. They are with us throughout our entire physical lives, we just lose the awareness to perceive and interact with them at an early age.

Important Skill: Become Discerning of Spirits

Unless we’re aligned with evil energy while we’re in our bodies, we probably won’t encounter evil spirits who seek to trick, hurt or capture us. When we shed the body, it’s just God’s Love. Deception of any kind is impossible.

Becoming Discerning of Spirits while in the physical world is still very important because you learn how to Feel what is right for you and what you’d rather avoid. We are Human so that we can learn about our Selves by interacting with others. Becoming Aware of your personal Sensations of Right and Wrong, Yes and No, allows deep personal growth and expansion.

Learn to discern energy while you’re in the physical world and you’ll be able to discern it when there is no physical form to judge. Learn to feel the difference now, in the physical, and it’ll be easy in the afterlife. Learn to feel the energy you’re interacting with. Become aware of how people, news, situations make you feel.

What Happens After We Die?

Once we’re comfortable, part of the process is to judge our Selves. We review the physical life we just lived, from God’s Point of View. We judge our own lifetime, the way God witnessed it. We experience the direct and far-reaching ripple-effects of our actions, thoughts and feelings upon Humanity.

Your initial unconscious reaction to that last paragraph tells you a lot about how you feel about who you are as a person. Was your instinct to look forward to seeing how God sees you or to dread it?

Instead of worrying about how you acted in the past, change the way you act right now and in the future.

None of us are perfect and it can be a scary thought. Instead of worrying about it, change the way you ineract with the world.

Become aware of your Self. Consider what triggers your Blind Reactions how they might make other people feel. Act to make people feel good, not bad. Act to Empower not Undermine. We all know the difference, but how often do we make the right decision in the moment? How often do we snap into blind, emotional action. How often do we regret it?

What Happens When You Die According To The Bible?

The Bible says, “The dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it” (Ecclesiastes 12:7, NIV)

In other words, your Body becomes dust in the wind and your Spirit Remembers God. We’re not separate from God, so we don’t return. We’re with Him right now. We just think we’re separate. Temporarilly forgetting God is part of the Human Game. When the Human Game is over, we remember.

Will Only 144,000 Go To Heaven?

You worry about you. It doesn’t matter. Mathematically, that’s almost no one. That’s like one town going to heaven out of the entire world. 144,000 is a sacred number and there’s a mathematical way to reach it, but it feels like a Fear message. Ultimately, everyone goes to Heaven. It’s just that those with Empathy and Awareness are closer than those who use and abuse people.

Can Short People Go To Heaven?

Of course! In fact, the additional challenges you’ve agreed to face in this incredibly challenging physical world, will get you special treatment in Heaven. Facing additional challenges in a Human body goes a long way in the Spiritual Realm. Overcoming addiction, physical challenges, and your own ego, are seen as extrordinarilly brave. It can be extremely difficult, but it is well worth it.

You have chosen to stack challenge upon challenge, leverage upon leverage. You are extraordinary and you shall be revered for who you truly are.