Empower Your SELF

Wake Up Humans! Welcome To Your Life!

Humans Wake Up

It’s Time to Wake Up, People! Open Your Eyes and Realize!

The Human race has been enslaved, used and drained of our energy. The only escape is to see and accept what is truly going on around us. The evidence is everywhere, once you begin to open your eyes and start to see it.

Like it or not, it’s Game On. We’re all up to bat, each as an individual, to take a swing at opening our eyes and realizing the game we’re in. But it’s not a game anymore. It’s quickly becoming all too real for each of us, in very personal ways.

Time to step up to the plate. The moment has arrived. You’re Up.

Now simply Open Your Eyes and Realize. It’s that easy.

Spells are hard to break. It’s so easy to just stay in a trance.

Here’s How To Wake Your Self Up

You’ll start to notice that certain things just seem wrong. Even though everyone around you seems to buy the story, you have an undeniable feeling that something (an idea, information, a situation, etc) shouldn’t be the way it is. It feels wrong. Stop denying that feeling. Look into it a bit. Focus on it.

AWAKENING ACTION STEP: Do a simple search on Brave Search about something that seems wrong to you. – Note: HumanHints has no affiliation with Brave. They’re a great anonymous, unbiased search engine, browser and more. Don’t use Google to find the Truth.

As you discover more about your chosen topic, if you open your eyes, mind and emotions, the evidence against the mainstream narrative (story line) will pile up until it’s undeniable. When you can no longer deny the facts, you have woken up to a small degree.

Once you get a taste, you’ll want more. Follow your newfound focus.

The more you are open, the more rabbit holes you will find. Follow the with fervor. Rabbit holes go hand in hand with Waking Up. They are part of the Awakening Process.

Welcome to the Journey of Your Lifetime!