Empower Your SELF

Truth Beyond The Trance


Human consciousness is hypnotized, yet we can snap the trance only at the individual level. Each person must have the courage to open their eyes and consider new possibilities that were recently beyond imagination.

You break the Trance by realizing that something’s not right, looking into it a little, then more, then realizing you might be right, then realizing you are right. Then you follow your Passion Path. You have embarked upon the journey of waking up and staying True to your Self while in the throes of all the various forms of relentless opposition you will face, trying to keep you hypnotized.

Once you start seeing through the Trance, holes appear everywhere. You can’t un-see the Truth beyond the Trance.

It takes courage to realize you’ve been existing in a type of prison, that you’ve been tricked, lied to and used. The pain of that awakening allows you to grow and experience so much more.

You can’t expand into the future while energy from the past is binding you.

As you awaken, you might find denial, anger, shame and a host of other deep-seated emotions. When deep emotion troubles you deeply, Do This and get on with your life.

Do that over and over and over and over, until you lose all interest in the Lower Physical Realm and live a peaceful, abundant, happy life, naturally.

Hope that Helps.