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Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

What Is Spiritual Warfare?

Looking at the big picture, Spiritual Warfare describes the very real Battle between Good and Evil on Earth. For each individual person, spiritual warfare means seeing beyond the fear-generating illusion we’re all drowning in.

It means feeling the way you want to feel in every moment, regardless of the external physical world. It means taking back your Precious Attention, which has been hijacked and is now fully controlled. It means expanding your Awareness – becoming more aware – even while the System tries to shut you down and blind you in fear.

When Spiritual Warfare is waged from within a physical body, our efforts are greatly leveraged. When each individual person Loves as the world crumbles, we Prove God.

Fighting a Spiritual Battle means you take physical action away from the fake system that generates fear within you, and toward an expanded awareness of your Self and your personal connection to God. Stop staring into screens and start playing more. Remember Play? There’s a reason it’s been driven from society. Play gets you closer to God.

A person’s Spiritual War is waged against their own Ego. The physical body on Earth is the battleground. We fight in our emotions, thoughts and actions.

Playing, Laughing and Loving while doom erupts, is powerful spiritual warfare. Spiritual Warfare means Believing in God while tragedy darkens the world. It means knowing there’s so much more beyond the physical world and detaching from the emotions it generates because we Know it’s not even real.

How To Fight Spiritual War As A Human

A Spiritual War on Earth has begun, in the physical realm and beyond. We are each warriors, fighting for Spiritual Awareness, against our own Ego’s Seductive Blindness. That is, if you’re one of the rare few who are aware enough to know that you have an Ego, it has completely taken you over and it’s up to you to reclaim your Self.

How Does A Human Conduct Spiritual Warfare?

It takes self-discipline, courage and inner-strength to defeat your Ego. Spiritual Warriors must have the committment to show genuine bravery without anyone outside of them Selves knowing anything about it.

Embrace Your Strong Emotions

Emotion must be felt fully, without fear. It is healthy and nothing to be afraid of, even though when we’re overcome by it, it can be debilitating and terrifying. In those moments, remember that you’re safe. The intense emotion cannot hurt you. A big part of being Human is feeling Human Emotion. You’re here to feel it, not avoid it. Know that you’re Safe, Relax and Feel it. It is only temporary.

Learn To Recognize Your Subtle Emotions

Your subtle emotions guide you toward the Right Action. They’re easy to ignore when the world is coming at you, and those are the most critical times to pay attention to what they’re telling you.

We must learn to Feel the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, truth and lies, selfless service and manipulative control. These emotions are more subtle than the consciousness-obliterating intensity we’re used to. When we pay attention to how we Feel around certain people and how different types of information and situations make us feel. We must learn to be Discerning of Spirits. Practice it throughout every day.

You Control What Is In Your Head

Your mind – what you think and what you’re aware of in any given moment – causes your body to feel emotions. Staring at screens makes you anxious. When the physical world tries to scare you, it is important that you think supportive, positive thoughts.

The mind must be trained to think positive thoughts as a default, no matter what the physical world shows you. God doesn’t make mistakes and this Spiritual Battle on Physical Earth is no accident. God has a Plan. He knows what He’s doing on all levels. Our job as Humans is to stay LightHearted, Laugh, Play, while the world crumbles.

Control Your State of Consciousness

What’s in your head is what you’re aware of – what you’re consciously aware of. The things you fill your awareness with directly affects your State of Being, including your intense and subtle emotions.
Become aware of how your thoughts dictate your emotions, then spend more time thinking about things that make you feel good.

Seek Emotional Detachment

To become emotionally detached from the increasingly horrific world around you, see it from God’s Unlimited point of view, where all Positive and Negative dissolve into Growth. A perspective that allows greater awareness can help us accept horrors that we cannot change and help those involved by sending them Good Energy – praying for them

If we send good energy when we’re scared, it is less stable and secure. Your fear opens portals, and allows bad energy to get involved.

Seek To Exude Compassion

Compassion connects you to God. It can save you from whatever you imagine you need saving from. Compassion is Love, in the context of something bad happening to others. When you have compassion, you help balance out the negative event and you help God turn it into something beautiful. Your compassion influences the beauty God creates from something negative.

Your Genuine Sensation of Love Is All-Powerful

We are all powerful spiritual warriors because we each have the capacity to Love in our own unique ways. Love is the most powerful spiritual armor and weaponry there is, although your Ego will protest when the physical body is in pain. Beyond Ego, we realize that pain is just a temporary illusion.

When we Love each other and Love our enemies, we emit a Force so strong, opposing energy cannot exist within its midst.

Don’t judge your efforts by your effect on the physical world. There is no correlation.

Humans waging spiritual war in the physical realm takes a lot of Faith. Not only faith in God, but also faith that we are actually making a difference, even though all physical evidence says we’re absolutely ineffectual. The physical trap seems powerful and suductive. Don’t You Believe It! Nothing is as it seems. Everything is as you Perceive it to be.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Dear God, grant me the strength to dis-empower and defeat my own ego. Give me eyes to see the parts of my self that remain hidden from my Conscious Awareness and the courage to act consciously from Love.

Dear God, give me the strength and wisdom to Love and Release those who my Ego seeks to engage in combat.

Archangel Michael, I call upon you to help me cut all ties, binds, connections and conduits of all forms for all time, between me and all energies that are not 100% of God’s Light and Love.

Spiritual Warfare in the Bible

It seems like the author of psalm 109 didn’t understand. Whoever wrote it was blinded by their ego. We’re not supposed to wish harm on anyone and we’re clearly in a state of confusion when we ask God to hurt our enemies. We’re supposed to Love our enemies, like a Christ, not wish God to do evil on them like a Terrified Human Ego. Psalm 109 is an example of Egoic Warfare.

Psalm 91 on the other hand, is a psalm of protection, and the author was under no Egoic Delusions. It simply says that faith in God protects us from all Evil, without exception. I won’t be harmed because I’m not afraid because I believe in God. That is powerful Spiritual Warfare.