Empower Your SELF

Spiritual Beings

Spiritual Beings

It’s been said that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, but it’s so easy to forget while we’re relentlessly bombarded by the physical Human Experience.

The Lower Physical world is so dense, hypnotic and seemingly real, we forget there’s a spiritual side at all. We’re born into the Density. It’s all we know, but it’s not all there is. There are infinite forms of vibrating energy. The Lower Physical Realm we’re in is just one.

Being an Energetic Spirit is our natural state. It’s who we are without the immense distortion necessary to become densely physical.

As Humans on Earth, are we really expected to become aware of our subtle Spirit Selves while immersed in the chaos of this physical density, blinded and paralyzed by intense emotion and fear?

Yes, that and much more, is exactly what we’re expected to do. Will you rise to the challenge? It’s your choice. You’re here now. You might as well do what you came here to do.

Here’s how to get to know your Spirit Self:

1 – Become aware and accept fact that you and everyone else has a Spirit Self who is aware of your physical self, even though your physical self might not be aware of your Spirit Self.

2 – Start seeing people as Spiritual Beings. See the body as a costume in a play. The play is the Lifetime. You can’t play the starring role in your Life if you’re not wearing a Human Costume. Neither can any one else.

3 – Feel Love and Compassion for the Spirits you see and encounter in physical bodies (people). Send their Spirit Love and Compassion.

4 – Feel the same emotions in Step 3 for your Self.

The process quickly becomes fun and empowering. It feels really good, too. Enjoy!